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Birthday Messages

  1. Happy Birthday to someone who, like these flowers, radiates beauty and brings joy to those around them.
  2. May your birthday be as bright, cheery and full of life as these fragrant blooms.
  3. Each birthday flower in this bouquet represents the beauty that you possess.


  1. Happy Anniversary to a wife more beautiful than any flower.
  2. Here’s to another year tending to the garden of our love.
  3. She loves me, She loves me not, She LOVES ME! Thank you for loving me.

Get well

  1. Enjoy these flowers and know that you are loved and supported in your recovery.
  2. Get well soon! Life just isn’t the same without you in it 100%.
  3. Laughter is the best medicine, so keep smiling and get well soon!

Just Because

  1. Enjoy these just because I was thinking of you and I love you.
  2. Put these flowers somewhere where you can see them and every time you look at them, know that you are loved and cherished.
  3. May these flowers brighten your day just as thoughts of you always brighten mine.

Thank you

  1. Thank you for being you.
  2. Thank you for warming my heart. I hope these flowers do the same for you.
  3. There could never be enough flowers to show you my appreciation.


  1. Thinking of you during this very difficult time.
  2. May you find peace, serenity and some happiness and joy in this difficult time.
  3. (Insert name here) will always be remembered and cherished in our hearts and memories.


  1. YOU are more beautiful than any flower.
  2. She loves me, she loves me not, She LOVES ME! AND I LOVE HER!
  3. I love you and appreciate all that you do, all that you say and all that you bring to my life.

Congratulations! new baby, graduation, housewarming, weddings

  1. May your new home be filled with laughter, love and FLOWERS!
  2. Hitched! Good for you two! Congratulations! You are lucky to have found one another.
  3. A baby (Boy/Girl)! (Blue/Pink) flowers seemed only fitting! CONGRATS!

Corporate/business gifting

  1. You have been a pleasure to work with.
  2. Thank you for a job well done.
  3. The meeting was a great success. Thank you for your hard work.

Mother’s day

  1. May your retirement be relaxing and enjoyable. You deserve it!
  2. I hope that your wedding shower is as special as you are. I am so sorry I had to miss it.
  3. Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for never giving up on me. YOU are the best woman I have ever known.